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Elect SINGER-LUNA for Whittier Mayor 2020

Thank you for supporting our campaign!

Welcome to the official campaign site for Christine Singer-Luna, candidate for Whittier Mayor 2020.

Election day is March 3, 2020!

I am running to be your Mayor because I love my town and have a different perspective that isn't currently represented in the city council chambers. I have been attending city council meetings for the last 3 years and whenever a decision is made by the council, I just wonder... Was that really the best decision to be made? Is this sustainable for the next 30 years? Is this the Whittier I want to establish my roots + grow in?

Everyday I meet with people of my community and learn their concerns about the safety of our parks and neighborhoods, protection of our hills, and rising property values. 

I hear you. I understand you. I believe that we see eye to eye, now let's try heart to heart.

My platform is ECONOMY, ENVIRONMENT, and EDUCATION because all of the concerns in our community go back to these pillars of a successful and thriving community.

I'd be honored to represent you and our neighbors when making decisions that will affect our daily quality of life.

Check out the website, send a question to the podcast Issues with Christine.

Thank you for your VOTE on March 3, 2020!

Let's make Whittier greater than ever before, together!

14408 Whittier Blvd
Suite A7
Whittier, CA 90605

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